"JOGJA ISTIMEWA" artist:FAR AWAY TEAM(relic,dpc,nkc,dyeget,raql24,mac)

This picture shows tone jamming biennale jogja x 2009.

Artists who participated in the Biennale of X is the result of the team selection process and associates Curator curator. Closed its recruitment system, meaning there is no registration process. Except for the program "the public on the move," the practice of art in public spaces, artists and communities can apply the concept works.

Participants were selected in the Biennale X is a visual artist or a group of artists that are relevant or appropriate with the curatorial concept Biennale Jogja X - 2009. In addition, activity and creativity in exploring the ideas and the work becomes the primary consideration in the selection process. Selected artists will fill the exhibition spaces that have been determined by the team of curators. The entire exhibition space is the main focus of this biennale event.

The work on display consists of a variety of media expression, such as: painting, graphics, sculpture, craft, art recording media, video art, object art, street art, net art, web art, digital art, comics, art installations, environmental art, or instant art forms (Ephemeral art) such as performance art, archives, art, and others, adapted to the space has been provided by the organizer.
artisipasi. (quoted from http://biennalejogja.com/partisipan/)


  1. interest banget sama blog km tentang grafiti hhe good job guys :D

  2. thank's kawan..penuh'i tembok kota dngn graffiti :D